Attention all Headmasters and Principals

Dear Sir or Madam

I am pleased to extend both you and any interested member of your staff, this invitation to visit and become personally acquainted with our nationally one-off education facility in Hastings Point, Northern New South Wales.

The Ted Brambley Marine Environments Museum is the hub of the widely known unique, comprehensive field study and biological science focused co-curricular and extracurricular learning centre based in the grounds of the North Star Holiday Park. This unique, richly bio-diverse Museum of Marine Natural History has evolved uninterrupted since 1971. Our field study centre is the extension of a 50-year long evolution that began as a combined school-based Field Study Centre, Museum and Underwater Research Group designed to prepare students for both a taste of adventure, as well as a lifetime of scientific pursuits. Today more than 85 schools of all categories and age groups visit annually to extend both classroom academic studies and critical field study corroboration. Our education centre is able to provide unique prerequisite programs to university studies in addition to being a foundation stone to future careers.

The team of  well-trained, qualified and experienced staff  will educate and inspire your students .We can also provide in service programs for any members of your teaching staff should they require it.

Since 2000 NRA Services run by Kerrie Trees has provided her strong managerial professional services as the centre’s facilitator.She has been instrumental in ensuring that the facility has remained as one of the countries’ most viable independant Coastal Field Education Centre’s.

Myself and the team look forward to meeting with you in the very near future to discuss any matters you may require relating to the benefits your school can gain from a field trip with us. Such benefits could arise from both, added educational options and social development activities. These may include single day visits as well as our many well embraced 2 to 4 days extended programs. All activities include educationally focused sessions in the Museum as well as field operations in all, or a selection of the variety of natural Eco systems all of which are within half a kilometre of our centre.

Your visit will include a complimentary Morning or Afternoon tea at the onsite café and a comprehensive tour of the facility including the Museum, Accommodation and Catering areas offered to students and staff.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, Ted Brambleby ph. 02 66 760817 or 0497251732 or Kerrie Trees  0402549655 or email so  arrangements can be made for your visit and to accommodate your specific needs.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Ted Brambleby