The “Ted Brambley Marine Envrionments Museum” distinguishes the field study and education centre from all others. This is a unique lifetime personal collection that is the culmination of a 50 year evolving strategy to make education inspiring as well as significant.”

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Nature lover, Special interest and social groups will find great knowledge and insight emerging in one or more sections of this comprehensive assortment of biodiversity and life science themes.

This is indeed a visual and proactive laboratory designed to stimulate inquiry and to provide answers through specially integrated presentations across a wide range of Biology,Ecology,Marine Science and Environmental Education subject areas.

Through hands-on encounters with the multi-dimensional nature of the museum preparations students and guests will enter a realm of involvement they will not find easy to dismiss.

No one’s sense of wonder can stay dormant for long in this  ambience of learning and gathering of  insight and awareness. The museum experience and the presentations are truely a highlight of any Camp or Day Vsit to our facility

It is our focus to provide a centre where these vital catalysts and imperatives to learning can be a reality and a vital adjunct and complement to all levels of education dedicated to a better understanding of life in the ocean and it’s fringes.

A combination of a wide range of preserved marine, coastal and live specimens presented so as to better understand significant points of interest about the importance of biodiversity on our planet. An amazing must see in the Tweed Visit located in the Seascape centre at NorthStar. Bookings are essential.

Comments about the museum

Anne Lang “Very enlightening,fascinating and very special. Thank you”

Maree Engvig “Absolutely marvelous,very educational”

Heidi Radford “Awesome setup.Great experience and eye opener”


Ted Brambleby is a Marine Biologist and presents a series of presentations across a wide range of subjects and topics effecting the health and sustainabiltiy of our oceans.

Seascape” North Star Holiday Resort, Hastings Point NSW
Every Saturday 1.30pm throughout the year
Tuesday 1.30pm, Thursday 5.30pm during school holidays

Small entry fee applies per person

All sessions are strictly for 7 years and up and all children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult.
Bookings are not essential but advisable at Seascape reception.
Phone 02 66 760817 for any enquiries.